Creativity Takes Courage

Art is for everyone to enjoy, become inspired by and appreciate. Making something using your hands is a special creative process. Taking an idea and turning it into a physical item takes time, patience, openness and skill. It is a way of expressing oneself. To share your hand-made artwork with others can be scary and overwhelming. It is such an intimate process, you are sharing your inner thoughts with others and as we know todays world can be a cruel place. The gallery provides a safe haven for artists to showcase their work to the public and learn from each other. We thank you for supporting and enjoying art.

It is key to any community to have a strong and healthy artist community.

We are proud to be a small part of that. 

Artless Bastard, Inc is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to supporting the arts. 

EIN 86-3966917


Our Story

Artless Bastard, Inc originally opened as a pop-up space on Feb 1, 2018, but thanks to an overwhelmingly positive response from the community, it quickly moved into a larger, permanent gallery by May of the same year. The gallery provides artists a beautiful brick and mortar space to showcase and sell their artwork. It gives artists an affordable alternative to showcase their artwork compared to conventional gallery spaces.

Why the name?

Since taking over the gallery I have had people ask, why the name? I say, "I can't take credit for the name but there is a great story about how it was named." Here is the origin story of how the gallery name came about. When the original owners moved back to the area they were touring homes and they were shocked to find almost none of the houses had original artwork hanging within them. They said to each other, “this town is artless”. Then they came to the understanding that artists are often the black sheep of their family. They do things their own way, are different and are often questioned as to why they would pursue a career in the arts. Thus left feeling cast out and similar to the term “bastard".  

The gallery was created to as a safe haven or orphanage for wayward creatives. The idea is that these roaming bastards needed a tribe or club or space to feel at home. It gives artists of all levels an opportunity to showcase their artwork to the public in a brick and mortar setting. Just like the name makes you feel something, original artwork is meant to invoke emotions and make you feel something as well. Art can and should shock you, make you feel happy or sad, at peace or even invoke a past memory. Art is meant to make you feel something and that feeling will be unique and different for each person. We invite you into our beautiful historic building in downtown De Pere, Wisconsin to experience it for yourself. Don't worry we don't bite! 

About the new owner

As of October 23rd, 2019 artless Bastard, Inc has a new owner! Alexis heard about the possible closure of the gallery and immediately knew she was meant to take it over.The gallery was the first to accept a piece of her fine art photography and showcase it after she had been out of the state for fifteen years in Portland, Oregon. She had felt lost trying to find where she fit into the art community after moving back. Portland had an amazing creative community that valued connections, referrals and learning from one another. Moving to a new city, even if it is your home state, made her feel alone and unsupported at times.Why were all the creatives so closed off and hiding?! The midwest isn't as progressive with the arts and creatives as the east and west coast states. People seem to be more closed off to supporting one another. This divide is not how you grow. She knows that and feels called to help the local art community connect and realize it is in their best interest to share, learn and connect with other artists. Starting over and building new roots takes time. Artless Bastard, Inc was the breath of fresh air to let her know there was a welcoming, laid back and supportive art scene in the area and she strives to continue offering that to the area. 

Everyone is welcome and everyone can and should enjoy the emotions, beauty, and inspiration of original art. We remove the stigma that original artwork is only for the elite & that it is too expensive for the average person. It is for everyone and meant to be enjoyed by all. Let's keep connecting & creating!

Meet The Team


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