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Gary Gossens

After some bad wind storms  I ran into some really nice wood,  Black Walnut, Ash, and some Cherry wood, it’s a shame these trees had to fall but they did offer me an opportunity to give them a second life, only I did not know what life that would be at the time.  


Several years later as the wood was in my shop drying the idea came to me to make Guitars out of the lumber and on top of that maybe paint Artists on the Guitars  I started googling my favorite Artists doing live performances on stage and would just freeze them at a good time, take a photo and paint them onto the Guitars.


( Urban Lumber ) the series was born , the first was BB King and Eric Clapton and the piece was called

“Two Of A Kind“.  It was sold at “The Trout Museum of Art“ opening night.  It was so new that I felt really bad it was gone so fast. So to get over it being gone I decided to make some more, I am now at 12 pieces and maybe doing more? People ask all the time if they actually play, that is how real they look. They do not and are strictly for decorative purposes only. They all have hangers on the back and they have some weight to them.  

I love music and the lyric’s seem to stick with me, most of the artists on my guitars are from a song they have produced that I felt touched by. Some are just there because I needed a Bass player to mix up the group. Most are because their songs touched me in some way.  

How long have you been an artist? I have been an Artist my whole life but it was always a hobby and I never a lively hood, I love to create and my reward is people liking my creations enough to want them.  

What is your favorite medium to work in? I have no favorite medium , I am at the mercy of what ever inters my brain at any given time. I guess painting on mirrors with epoxy and acrylic are what I do the most of. It’s a process I came up with when a friend asked me to save his used mirrors from the dump. 

Do you have any formal training? 

I had a wonderful high school art teacher who motivated me the most in my life, I am still in touch with him over 50 years later. We did it all in his class from digging our own clay to lost wax casting. Our school was his first job after he finished grad school,  I was so lucky to be one of his students. I did do 5 semesters at Stevens Point in Wisconsin as an Art major but the last 50 years have been self taught.

This group of hand-made decorative guitars is exclusive to artless Bastard Gallery. Please contact us with any questions you have or if you would like to see the artwork in person. 


NOTE: These guitars are made out of wood and due to the size and weight we recommend pick up or we can deliver to you within 60 miles from Green Bay, WI. Shipping can be arranged but please email the gallery first so we can get you a quote on the cost of shipping to you.