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Jenna Kast

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Jenna Kast did not fully devote herself to painting until she was in her thirties. Born out of a need to combat anxiety and express inner emotions, her work is inspired and motivated by positive energy she gathers from experiences, exploration the natural world, and often, music. She is a believer that artwork takes on the energy under which it was created, and her aim is to imbue every painting with positive energy so those vibrations will extend into the collectors home. Jenna lives and works in Green Bay, Wisconsin. 

Into the Deep

This series explores the relationship between light and dark as an allegory to our own personalities. The lightness represents the surface-level personality we present to others - our persona, and how we prefer others to view us. The deep shades represent our innermost personality; our truest self, complete it’s all it’s complexity and depth. Neithe is good or bad. They’re two sides to the same coin. In each work the light and deep flow around and through each other, just as we move between our true selves and outward personality as we go through our day. Ultimately the relationship between deep, intense colors and light, subtle colors should draw us to look inward and discover beautifully complicated parts of ourselves, and how the opposing aspects of ourselves come together to make up who we are.

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